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Dear friends!


This year our company, LBK “Michko”, celebrates 17 years in business!

Some would wonder if it is a considerable age.

For the whole construction industry it is surely modest, as an architect is known to be one on the oldest professions in the world to say the least of it. Architects and engineers would set influences, trends, tempo and scales of effective social, economic and political development of states. No doubt nowadays the construction industry is an engine pulling all directions of modern civilization. Successful work of a builder is crucial for a normal life of an individual in any country.

Today, being a founder and a leader of LBK “Michko”, I can definitely say that 17 years is a lot, as it has been a period of constant evolvement.

At the same time we are not complacent. We are constructing more each year, yet we are not satisfied with what has already been achieved. The desire to see satisfaction and pride for the results of work in our partners’ eyes motivates us to improve, create something new and better in quality and opportunities. Each time I meet our customers surveying the completed objects I catch delighted looks of the people, who are as pedantic as I am, paying attention to details and quality.

I believe the phrase “We do not choose the time, it is the time that chooses” is true. In the period of the financial crisis it acquired a new meaning. Everyone has their own difficulties: it does not matter what you build - bearing-wall houses or subsurface structures. We were lucky to get a chance to participate in construction and reconstruction of unique buildings and structures (you can find more information about them in the section “Our objects”). I am sincerely glad that I can do labor of love here and now.

I am grateful to all those people who lay out plans, construct and reconstruct objects together with us. I wish you and your loved ones health and happiness, inspiration and luck in cooperation with LBK “Michko”.

See you soon at the construction site!



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