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RTS-Serbia: Serbians construct at -30°C in Syberia

April 19th, 2017

Serbian builders are highly appreciated all over the world, especially in Russia. They do their work in different parts of Russia and even there where the working conditions are harsh.

Long time ago The Siberia region was known as the place for prisons and exile, but later when people found out that bowels of the earth in Siberia had inexhaustible resources of oil deposits, this part of the Russian Federation has turned into a huge construction site. For now hard-working and skillful Serbian builders construct monumental modern objects, as well as churches, which they say are strengthening the spiritual connection between the two peoples.

Engineer Petar Evtich notes that winter is a challenge for every contractor. "Here the conditions are very harsh, heavy frost, strong wind and abnormal pressure. People get used to it after some time, and their work at temperatures of -30°C become an ordinary thing, " says Evtich.

As Serbian builders say – “if you work you definitely get benefits from it, but a lot of things depends on the company you work for”. The hardest thing – is to live far away from your native home. But some of singles who come to Russia usually stay here forever and start their families.

Radoyko Bozhich works in Russia, and his wife and children live in Serbia.

Miliyan Djokovic come to Siberia for temporary job, however, he is still working in company.

Dusko Savich has a different situation. "I got married here, my son was born and raised here, it's great. I don’t think about what will be in future, but I don’t exclude that ill stay here until retirement, "says Dusko.

The building capacity in Russia is huge and a lot of employers try to hire Serbian or Yugoslavia builders as good specialists in construction area.


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