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SurgutInformTV: Is It Possible for the Palace of Arts to grow a new Maya Plisetskaya?

October 04th, 2016

It is so unique! The long-awaited opening of the Palace of Arts “Neftyanik” took place in Surgut.

It is the largest and highly modern theatre-concert complex in the entire Urals. The area of the building is almost 50 thousand square meters with the height of a 12th-floor building.

The orchestra, appearing literally from nowhere – it is not the magic of David Copperfield, but the possibilities of modern stage equipment. A turning circle with a diameter of 15 meters, thousands of lighting devices, a multilevel orchestra pit and etc - the public was in cultural shock during the whole opening ceremony of the Palace of Arts "Neftyanik from such technical innovations.

“I was really impressed with the show. I would like to say that unfortunately in our country we have not so many cultural centers as this one with such modern technical equipment and unique architectural forms of building. What is more important that most of all this things here are of Russian production.” – has admitted the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak. Experts are also saying that these Palace of Arts could be compared with such famous theaters as Bolshoi in Moscow or the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg. Due to 5 halls of different functionality, it is possible to conduct any kind of events from theatrical productions to opera concerts.

It was a dream of the general director of Surgutneftegaz Vladimir Bogdanov to build among bogs and forests such modern and multifunctional Palace of Arts. "I remember times when I was coming to the capital of Russia on a business trip and after a working day I was looking for some tickets to the theater with no success, because it was some kind of deficit, even in Moscow it was really hard to get them. But we did believe with my colleagues that the time would come and it will be possible to go to the theater premiere or a concert at our own theater in Surgut" said Vladimir Bogdanov.

Yesterday's dream became true. Such popular Russian singers and stars as Sergey Volchkov, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Nonna Grishaeva - were invited to the opening ceremony in Surgut. The workers of the Palace of Arts are sure that this is only the beginning of the big story. The poster of the events for the upcoming season is just being formed, but it is already known about the arrival of a tour of the young spectator in the spring of next year. And in the near future all the best creative collectives of Ugra will act.

"This house will be filled with real energy of the whole Autonomous Okrug as soon as possible, we will collect best collectives, and starting from October 15, the residents of Surgut, residents of the Autonomous Okrug, Ugra residents will receive a gift - a week of art and culture in the city of Surgut ", - said Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova. Also all creative teams of the Palace of Arts “Neftyanik” will have the new step in their new stage of development.

The new building and all technical possibilities of it will help to realize all the most courageous creative plans of the artists. At the same time the next generation of theater-goers, musicians, dancers and even animators will be brought up in the same walls. In the vocal and choreographic classes can study daily up to 900 people, and the rooms are equipped to the highest level. Here it is, the real Surgut factory of stars. It's no wonder, if many years later many well-deserved cultural figures will say that they started their creative career from here - from the Palace of Arts “Neftyanik”.

For now, after the opening ceremony of these new concert-theater complex, we can definitely say that Surgut has got one more symbol. It's just impossible not to notice it, not only because of its impressive size, but also because of its great importance for the city. So, as the youth says - the Palace of Arts "Neftyanik" is just unreal.

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