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Ugra News: Extracted by Surgutneftegas

October 04th, 2016

The grand opening of the unique in its architectural design and technical equipment Palace of Arts "Neftyanik" was made by Surgutneftegas.

There are no similar objects in Russia as Palace of Arts for today. It’s a unique complex of all the best things that can be combined in one building for concerts and theater premiers. The Palace "Neftyanik" is ready for any kind of world-class projects – ballet, theater or circus. It has the same technical equipment as the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg.

The opening of the Palace of Arts “Neftyanik” has become an historic event not only for the city and the region, but also for the whole country – a lot of different creative groups and performers are going to act on stage of this unique object. The general director of Surgutneftegas Vladimir Bogdanov and his associates (the legendary oil workers) dreamed in their business trips to go to theatrical premiere or concert after work at their own home in Surgut. So now the dream come true. More precisely - they embodied it for their city and region. How was build and equipped these concert and theater hall, who was honored first to perform on its stage and what can be seen on the stage in the near future - in material of the "Surgut Tribune".

Not a single free space of 1127 seats in the concert-theater hall . The first spectators are the outstanding workers of Surgutneftegas, designers and builders, the creative intelligentsia of the city and the district. Those who are directly related to the construction of the building, and those who are able to evaluate these works. Igor Vladimirovich Kholmansky - the presidential envoy to the Urals Federal District, Alexander Novak - the minister of energy of the Russian Federation, Natalia Komarova - the governor of Ugra, and others came to congratulate the team of the company, residents of the city, the region and personally Vladimir Bogdanov on this event. Those who could not attend the opening personally sent congratulatory addresses. As, for example, the chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko and the minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky.

It is hard to overestimate the significance of the opening of The Palace of Arts of such a high level in the largest city of Ugra. Especially given by the oil company. “For nowadays Surgut city is not only an industrial, but also a scientific, cultural, educational center. It has already a demanding viewers and listeners who seek to join the best of national and world culture. The Palace of Arts "Neftyanik" is not just a gift from a city-forming enterprise, it is an investment in a person, a favorable social and cultural environment. This is exactly what serious, strategic industrialists are doing" – was saying Igor Holmanskikh, presidential envoy to the Urals Federal District. Strategic industrialists from Surgutneftegas over the past ten years have invested more than 100 billion rubles in the social sphere, as was recalled by the Minister of Energy Alexander Novak and for which he separately thanked Vladimir Bogdanov: "I was really impressed by what I saw. There is not so much similar objects in our country for today. The most important thing is that there will be an opportunity for children to develop their skills. I am confident that this center will become the center of life of the whole Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug.”

The main gift for the anniversary

The building of the Palace of Arts"Neftyanik" was constructed during five years according to the project of the Serbian architect Slobodan Drinyakovich. It reflects the creative idea of the Italian designer Lucio Miquiletti, who proposed to take the prototype of the Russian forest and the Siberian landscape as a basis for planning and decorating the entire building. This was a complex object for construction. The terms to build it were extremely short – says Radmilo Jevtovich, the general director of LBK "Michko"(the company-general contractor). He remembers by heart that “Neftyanik” was built of forty thousand cubic meters of concrete, five thousand tons of reinforcement, 900 km of all kinds of cables, and 110 km of various pipes. Talent is hard earned.

This palace was “extracted” by Surgutneftegas. It is possible to calculate how much oil is in this "tank", but it is impossible, otherwise we will lose count. We should calculate how fatherly Vladimir Leonidovich is to the city and Ugra, how much work was invested by architects, builders, equipment manufacturers and those who cleaned completely every square centimeter of this Palace. “What can I say, this is Surgut, this is Ugra, this is Russia! “ - Emphasized Governor Natalia Komarova. Next year, Surgutneftegas will celebrate its fortieth anniversary. The Palace of Arts "Neftyanik" is one of the gifts that the company traditionally presents to the city on the eve of the anniversary.

And, perhaps, this is the main present. After all, pioneers dreamed of it. “I remember how we came to the capital on a business trip and after a working day we looked for tickets to the theater and often without success. Because during the deficit it was really hard to get them, even in Moscow. And we are with many colleagues - A.V. Usoltsev, N.P. Zakharchenko, M.B. Nazargaleev, R.I. Kuzovatkin, G.M. Kukuevitsky, V.S. Deshura - and many others believed that the time would come when we could go to the theater premiere, to a concert at home, in Surgut. We always talked about this and were sure that sooner or later this day will come. We discussed that in the North of country, all citizens should enjoy all the benefits of civilization, like the inhabitants of big cities. And today, thanks to the team of architects, builders, designers, suppliers, thanks to all those people who took part in the construction of this enormous building, our dreams became a reality; - the general director of Surgutneftegas Vladimir Bogdanov shared at the opening ceremony. Multifunctional “Neftyanik” will work not only as a platform for spiritual enrichment of Ugra residents, as CEO of Surgutneftegas announced, but also some symposiums and forums will be held to promote the company's development. “We begin the countdown of the anniversary year for our company. For 40 years the company has been working, creating for the benefit of human development in all regions of its presence, and primarily in Surgut, Surgut district, Ugra. In close partnership with federal, regional authorities, municipalities, to whom we are grateful for effective joint work. I am very glad that we are starting our anniversary year from such a vivid event” - said Vladimir Bogdanov.

The people of Surgut deserve it

The presenters of the opening ceremony of the Palace of Arts “Neftyanik” were Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Artistic Director of the Moscow Regional Theater of the Young Spectator Nonna Grishaeva and the leading presenter of PoA “Neftyanik” Nikita Franzukov. Among those who were the first to act on the new Surgut scene were: “the Russian Style” show-orchestra, the finalists of the show “Russian Tenors” - the VIVA group, the winner of the second season of the “Golos” show - Sergei Volchkov and the famous Artist of Georgia and Russia - Tamara Gverdtsiteli.

Of course, the actors of the Palace of Arts were on this stage this evening. Video greetings were shown on the big screen - sent by the artistic director of the Maly Drama Theater Lev Dodin, the artistic director of the Moscow Musical Theater - Mikhail Shvydkoi, the artist Valery Syutkin and other famous cultural figures. All of them emphasized the significance of the event for the whole country and expressed their wishes to come to Surgut city in the near future to perform on the stage. By the way, Nonna Grishayeva managed to announce that she will bring the performances of the Moscow regional Youth Theater to Surgut in spring 2017. “Honestly, when I was told about the idea of creating such a powerful concert and theater center, I was skeptical. But It’s really small amount of similar projects, and not only in Russia, but also in the world. You deserve the best, surgutyans, you are a wonderful audience. And I admire Vladimir Leonidovich, who has enough energy and love to implement such projects” - said Lev Dodin.

Residents of Surgut and Yugra will be able to assess the Palace of Art in two weeks - from October 15. It will be the project "Week of Culture of Ugra in Surgut," in which their creative shows will show the glorified teams of the Autonomous Okrug.

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