The Hotel "Moscow" Four Seasons in Moscow - LBK Michko
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This building situated in the center of Moscow and it’s really important to say that the client insisted on using and installing the best materials according to strict international standards.

Works that were made on object are waterproofing, installation of reinforced concrete structures, roof covering. Specialists of our company carried out the most responsible and most complicated part of the work on roofing structures and systems of the facility.

In 2000 the building was declared as unsafe, and by the end of the summer of 2004 it was demolished. In 2005 construction of the building was renewed according to the initial drawings of architects Shchusev, Stapran and Saveliev. The total territory of complex is 185 500 square meters, the area of the hotel with apartments – 58 400 square meters.

The territory is divided into several zones: hotel with apartments, apart hotel, congress center with administrative part, trade and public areas, underground parking for 717 cars.

Project information
Object: The Hotel "Moscow"
Works: Roofing, facade, finishing
Square: 185 500 м2
Start: 2006 August
Finish: 2012 September
Reference list
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