The Palace of Arts "Neftyanik" in Surgut city - LBK Michko
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Semi-spherical forms of the building, high-class acoustics, unique stages, lots of halls and studios for a variety of purposes. One of the largest with its modern technical equipment, not only in the Urals Federal District but also in the whole country - the new Palace of Arts “Neftyanik” has the unique multimedia façade and transformer stage. In technical facilities it might be compared to the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theaters. The stage adapts to the artist really fast and more than a fifty musicians can be placed in the orchestra pit. Here you can play a concert program of any complexity.

The area of “Neftyanik” is approximately 50 thousand square meters. The height of the building is 40 meters. The area of construction is 2 hectares and a half of them is occupied by the Palace of Arts. The rest is a park zone. "Neftyanik" has a concert-theater hall for 1 127 places, two large and two small classes for choreography, three vocal classes, a theater studio, an animation studio and four private study rooms.

The technical equipment of the whole building is not inferior to such Russian concert and theater complexes as the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg and Helikon Opera in Moscow.

The Palace of Arts "Neftyanik" is a new, powerful cultural and educational platform of Surgut and the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. On the eve of the opening of the new building, the team of Neftyanik is working to expand the existing directions and activities, such as exhibitions, performances, lectures, concerts and master classes in various fields of science, culture and art, aimed at a wide audience. The Palace of Arts "Neftyanik" is a place of comfortable leisure, work, communication and creative activities of citizens. A multifunctional concert and theater complex was built using the latest technologies and will become an educational platform, a place for the implementation of cultural and social projects, a place of unity and spiritual enrichment for the citizens of Ugra.

The technical equipment of the complex has no analogues in Russia. The stage of the concert-theater hall is unique: it is ready to accept projects of various kinds, including tours of the theater, opera, ballet, circus. It is equipped with a multi-level mobile orchestra pit, five lifting platforms, a turning circle, rod lift mechanisms, several cauldron traps, a flight mechanism, a unique audiovisual complex and a set of stage lighting. Powerful mechanisms are hidden under the stage. Orchestra pit for fifty musicians. The mobile stage moves. Forty thousand cubes of concrete and hundreds of kilometers of pipes communications.

For vocal and choreographic teams and creative studios there are 2 small and 2 large choreographic classes, 3 classes for vocal lessons, a theater studio, animation studio, 4 offices for individual artists. Classes are equipped with pianos, mirrors and ballet barre and special floor covering for ballroom, folk and pop dance choreography. Also there will be one large and one small recording studio, which will allow to record different musical groups at one time, a video studio with professional equipment with possibility to record solo, musical instruments and vocals, as well as large orchestras and choirs. Only the Mariinsky Theater in Russia has such level studio equipment. The Art Cafe has a stage, sound and lighting equipment, good acoustics, which allows to organize creative evenings, chamber concerts of amateur and professional groups.

The exhibition space is located in the lobby of the third floor, where there is a lot of light coming from the large panoramic window. This space was designed for various exhibitions, exposition, salons. Due to the demountable parquet there is an opportunity to hold various events: dance performances and choreographic competitions. In addition to this, there is a multifunctional hall for 270 seats. The main advantage of the hall is a mobile stage, which can be installed in various parts of the hall. Also there is a banquet hall for 300 seats and a conference hall for 54 seats. Summarizing – such enormous building as The Palace of Arts in Surgut will allow Ugra region to take part in the project of large tours of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Project information
Object: The Palace of Arts "Neftyanik"
Works: General contractor
Square: 49 000 м2
Start: 2012 April
Finish: 2016 September
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