The Hotel "Golden Zaton" (Lotos) in Astrakhan - LBK Michko
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For this Hotel we were working on engineering systems: water supply, sewerage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, electricity, low-voltage devices (telephony, internet, radio and television).

The building is of a U-shaped configuration and seven-story. The height of the first floor is 4.5 m, the rest floors - 3.2 m height each. On the ground floor there are: lobby and lobby bar, reception, administrative and service rooms, sports complex, spa with recreation area, conference room, catering service and restaurant. On the second till sixth floors there are double rooms, standard and improved apartments and housemaid rooms. On the seventh floor there are double rooms, three-room and superior apartments, a housemaid room, a library, a club, a restaurant. On the technical floor there are ventilation chambers, technical rooms for communications and engine room for the elevator.

Before the beginning of construction were made such works as: dismantling of existing buildings, structures, coatings, fencing, communications, green spaces. Other territory was sowed with a lawn with the fertile soil and trees and shrubs were planted.

Was built:

• hotel with courtyard;
• tennis courts;
• a basketball court combined with a Helicopter landing pad;
• a park;
• parking for 40 cars;
• gazebos;
• areas for garbage containers

Project information
Object: The Hotel “Golden Zaton”
Works: Monolithic works, engineering
Square: 10 770 м2
Start: 2007 March
Finish: 2009 November
Reference list
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