The Hotel "Donbass Palace" in Donetsk - LBK Michko
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In 2000 owners of the hotel "Donbass Palace" decided to demolish the existing old building and to construct a new one according to the initial design with a dome. On February 26, 2001 the old building of the hotel was blown up.

The new building Donbass Palace is a building with five floors and two additional floors situated in the dome part and the office basement. Dimensions of it: 52 meters in length, 44 meters in width and 34 meters in height. The new building in general preserved the original initial plan. In total, the hotel has 129 apartments. Every apartment is large and has a handmade decoration. From the windows of the rooms you can see parks and avenues of the city.

Project information
Object: The Hotel "Donbass Palace"
Works: Roofing, finishing
Square: 14 000 м2
Start: 2002 June
Finish: 2004 May
Reference list
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