The Polytechnic Training Center in Surgut - LBK Michko
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OJSC "Surgutneftegas" pays much attention to the development of its own system of education, which allows to ensure the implementation of 75% of the plan for training and improving the skills of workers and specialists annually.

The Polytechnic Training Center is located at the West-Surgut oil deposit and its area is 42 hectares. The main building covers an area of more than nine thousand square meters. In the building there are 22 lecture halls, a lot of training complexes, ten computer classes, 16 laboratories, a dining room, a hostel for 100 people and an assembly hall. In the remaining rooms there are theoretical classes, where students are told how this or that equipment works. Several classes have video communication, which allows you to teach classes in a videoconference mode at a remote distance. It is planned that annually more than 50 thousand employees of OJSC "Surgutneftegas" in the departments of the center in Western and Eastern Siberia will be able to raise the level of professional training.

The main education base of the Center consists of the base center in Surgut and four departments: Lyantorskoye, Fedorovskoye, Nizhnesortimskoye – situated on the territory of the Surgut district of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District and Vitim branch located in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Every day more than 500 employees are trained here. The main feature of this center is that in one place there are all conditions for training employees by professions and directions that are necessary for the company "Surgutneftegas".

There are 7 areas on the territory of the training complex: oil extraction and preparation, well repair, drilling and many other areas. Employees of Surgutneftegas get acquainted with the features of their work not only in theory, but also in practice. They do their practice in special simulators in real-time mode. All equipment of domestic production was purchased especially for the training of oil industry workers.

Project information
Object: The Training Center
Works: General contractor
Square: 12 000 м2
Start: 2013 November
Finish: 2016 December
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